Budget: $3 million Financed by: Sid Sheinberg
Domestic Gross: $508,714 Domestic Distributor: Sid Sheinberg
Overseas Gross: $0
Directed by: Fred Andrews
Sid Haig
Produced by: Sid Sheinberg

creature box office 2011The low budget Creature was financed and self distributed by Sid Sheinberg, the man behind such brilliant ideas as when he was president at Universal, as trying to rename Back to the Future as Spacemen from Pluto and re-editing Terry Gilliam’s Brazil which his version thankfully wasn’t released — continues in that line of thinking by unleashing the schlocky Creature into empty multiplexes everywhere.  Made for a cheap $3 million, Sheinberg marketed the film primarily online, where his small team overestimated Creature’s appeal when their website received about a million clicks in the weeks before release, which prompted Sheinberg to take the film wide.  A million clicks does not mean a million people would show up and Creature, which looked like a direct to video or made for SyFy channel Z grade film, opened in 1,507 theaters to an abysmal $327,000 opening weekend — placing #29 on the box office charts.  With one of the worst per screen averages on record of just $217 for the weekend, it is estimated that less than six people were in attendance for showings.  Sheinberg was quoted, “It was a disaster. Anybody happy with the results of last weekend needs to take a rest.”  Creature ended its embarrassing run after just one week in theaters with $508,714.  Large theater chains like Regal pay out only 34% to independent distributors, so Sheinberg saw back less than $200k.  The pic was picked up only in a few overseas markets, where it wisely went straight to video.