Budget: $50m Financed by: Morgan Creek
Domestic Gross: $21,302,340 Domestic Distributor: Morgan Creek (through Universal)
Overseas Gross: $18,630,000

dream_houseFully financed by Morgan Creek for $50m, and reports that estimate an additional $5m for reshoots, Dream House would be the troubled company’s first film in three years and end as a money hemorrhaging disaster.  Disowned by director Jim Sheridan, who unsuccessfully tried to get his name removed from the credits and refusal to promote the film by the actors, Dream House predictably flopped at the box office.  Morgan Creek finances their marketing spend and distributes through Universal and their distribution arm was in the process of bankruptcy protection and Dream House did it no favors with an $8,129,355 opening in the US, after a sizable ad spend.  The film fell a modest 44.9% in both its second and third weekends, but closed its run with a poor $21,302,340.  Morgan Creek would see back just $11.7m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, not even half of the ad spend.  Morgan Creek slightly padded its large loss on the picture by pre-selling foreign rights, but the film only mustered $18,630,000 overseas, even going straight to video in major territory Germany.  Morgan Creek has not put another film back into production after this misfire and their co-production on fellow 2011 flop The Thing.

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