Budget: $200m Financed by: Warner Bros
Domestic Gross: $116,601,172 Domestic Distributor: Warner Bros
Overseas Gross: $103,250,000

green-lantern-movie-poster-03Legendary passed on the project when Warner Bros tried to co-finance with them, leaving the $200m+ budget all to Warners.  Green Lantern had a rocky time reaching theaters and the first released trailer was met with disappointment, which Warners would later acknowledge, when most of the money shots were not finished yet and couldn’t be included in the trailer.  Warner Bros would also keep throwing cash at the project, spending millions adding more visual effects before release and adding more pixels does not mean the film will connect any more with audiences.  The ad spend was reported at over $100m in the US and $75m overseas, though most of that was spent not by Warners but through cross promotional tie ins with companies all over the globe.  The film opened in the US to $53,174,303 a soft number for a film with hundreds of millions of dollars behind it.  Word of mouth was not strong and the film plummeted 66.1% second weekend to $18,028,056 and closed its disappointing domestic run with $116,601,172.  Overseas, Warner Bros released the film to less than blockbuster numbers, all but killing off their planned franchise.  It took in $103m from the rest of the world, bringing the film’s worldwide total to $219m, which would leave WB with about $120m after theaters take their cut of the gross.  Along with the film, WB released tons of Green Lantern merchandise, which did cushion the massive loss the film left.

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