Budget: $135m Financed by: Warner Bros; Village Roadshow
Domestic Gross: $64,006,466 Domestic Distributor: Warner Bros
Overseas Gross: $93,950,000

happy_feet_twoWarner Bros and Village Roadshow financed the animated sequel for $135m, though it is estimated to be higher after the film was going over schedule.  Warner Bros partnered with 10 companies for promotion, including Sears, Burger King, General Mills and Roche, which would be the first pharmaceutical company to have a tie in with a film – let alone a children’s film.  They also partnered with 50 other companies for the global ad spend, with a cost north of $150m.  Roche tied their flu medication Tamiflu into promotional material, which was deemed irresponsible, but more importantly the cross promotion makes little damn sense.  Happy Feet Two opened in the US where there was a recent over saturation of animated kids films and the film also opened against The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I which sucked the air out of the US box office and it grossed $21,237,068.  After the disappointing opening weekend the animation company that produced the feature Dr D Studios laid off 600 of its 700 employees.  Happy Feet Two declined a modest 36.9% in its second weekend to $13,397,346 but it was not a strong enough number to break out and it fell 55.8% in its third frame to $5,919,390.  The expensive film pulled in just $64,006,466 in the US and $93m overseas, which would leave Warner Bros and Village Roadshow with about $87m after theaters take their cut of the gross – leaving much of the expensive marketing spend in the red and the budget at a loss.

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