Budget: $24m Financed by: The Weinstein Company
Domestic Gross: $9,662,284 Domestic Distributor: The Weinstein Company
Overseas Gross: $20,889,211

i-dont-know-how-she-does-it-posterI Don’t Know How She Does It was financed by The Weinstein Company for $24m and they also sold the film at Cannes to buyers, while star Sarah Jessica Parker was fresh off the global hit Sex and the City 2.  The Weinstein Co. distributed in the US and partnered with the NBCU division Women, to help market the picture to their female viewers.  After a strong ad spend, the film tanked opening weekend with $4,402,201 and the distributor blamed the re-release of The Lion King for taking its female audience, who were busy bringing their kids to the cartoon.  Expecting stronger legs the following weekend, I Don’t Know How She Does It dropped 54.5% and quickly closed its poor US run with just $9,662,284, of which TWC would see back about $5.3m after theaters take their cut of the gross.  Showing difficulty attracting audiences outside of her successful franchise, the film made only $20m overseas across dozens of distributors.

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