Budget: $20m Financed by: Smokewood Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $15,013,650 Domestic Distributor: Relativity
Overseas Gross: $2,016,232

judy_moody_and_the_not_bummer_summer_ver2Smokewood Entertainment fully financed this $20m kids flick, based on the series of books that did poorly enough at the box office to not become a series of films.  Relativity Media acquired the US rights and the film targeting young girls opened to a poor $6,076,859 and quickly closed with a $15,013,650 total.  After the poor opening weekend, Relativity sold the TV rights to the Disney Channel, which would cushion some lost cash on their marketing spend.  The film was barely released outside of the US, pulling in just $2m, which would leave Smokewood with most of their investment lost.  Universal opened the film in 100 theaters in the UK to a terrible $53,621 with a $536 per screen average and closed with a dismal $222,209.  Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer premiered on television in German and Sweden.

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