Mars Needs Moms

Budget: $150 million Financed by: Disney
Domestic Gross: $21,392,758 Domestic Distributor: Disney
Overseas Gross: $18,157,000
Directed by: Simon Wells
Seth Green
Produced by: Robert Zemeckis

Mars Needs Moms box officeThis $150 million budgeted box office train-wreck was financed by Disney, with an estimated $60 million additional in marketing costs and ended as one of the biggest flops of all time.  Apparently, after executives viewed a rough cut of the picture a year earlier, they decided to close down ImageMovers Digital, which was working on another mo-cap feature The Yellow Submarine, which resulted in a $96 million write down and another $80 million in severances and restructuring.  This was also the first film from director Simon Wells, since he was removed from his directing duties on the 2002 flop The Time Machine.  Mars Needs Moms opened in the US a week after the animated Rango and Disney booked it in 3,117 theaters to a predictably awful $6,914,488.  The pic placed #5 for the weekend led by Battle: Los Angeles and Rango.  Mars Needs Moms tanked with a total of $21,392,758.  Deciding to cut some inevitable losses after the horrible US opening, Disney sent the film straight to video in a handful of markets, including France.  Mars Needs Moms did predictably awful in every territory and its overseas total would come to a dismal $18.1 million.  The home video market was not any kinder to the film, as it pulled in $6.4 million in the US before falling off the charts and was no longer reported.  Disney took a $70 million write down on Mars Needs Moms.  Disney’s following year release of what was originally titled John Carter Of Mars, would lose the ‘of Mars’ to distance the expensive project from this turkey, only to become the biggest flop of all time.