Budget: $30m (estimated) Financed by: Sierra Pictures; Incentive Filmed Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $18,877,153 Domestic Distributor: Relativity
Overseas Gross: $21,259,326

shark-night-posterSierra Pictures and Incentive Filmed Entertainment financed Shark Night 3D with a budget estimated between $25m and $30m.  Sierra pre-sold the picture, which sold well at Cannes and Relativity scooped up US rights.  Shark Night opened against the cheap found footage horror entry Apollo 18, which likely cannibalized the same audience and the film pulled in $8,404,260 opening weekend.  The film received a poor C cinemascore from audiences and declined 59.4% in its second weekend to $3,408,413 and ended its run with $18,877,153.  Relativity would see back around $10m once theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would leave a portion of the ad spend and acquisition cost in the red for the new distribution company.  While Sierra and Incentive wouldn’t have too much on the line after pre-sales, it’s unlikely they saw anything back since the film played mediocre to poor in every territory and distributors probably didn’t get back their investment.  Overseas total amounted to $21m across numerous distributors, with its strongest showing in Russia at $5.4m.

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