Budget: $82m Financed by: Warner Bros; Legendary
Domestic Gross: $36,392,502 Domestic Distributor: Warner Bros
Overseas Gross: $53,365,887

sucker-punch-movie-poster-01Sucker Punch was co-Financed by Legendary and Warner Bros for an estimated $82m and the expensive marketing campaign was strictly designed for fanboys and alienating for most viewers.  Enough fanboys showed up opening weekend in the US and Sucker Punch grossed $19,058,199 but very few showed up the following weekend when the film declined 68.4% to $6,020,403.  Sucker Punch closed with $36,392,502 of which Warner Bros/Legendary would see back $20m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, leaving a portion of the US ad spend in the red.  Warner Bros released overseas with another expensive ad spend to mediocre to poor numbers in most territories and the film grossed just $53m, which would leave the budget entirely in the red and part of the ad spend at a loss.  WB opened the film wide in the UK in 392 theaters to a weak $1,313,482 it it declined 56.8% in its second weekend to $567,802 and closed its UK run with a poor $3,823,250.  France posted the strongest overseas market with a soft $4,958,885.  Decent US home video sales around $20m (less after resellers take their cut and manufacturing costs) would pad the loss, but leave Sucker Punch a major loss for Warner and Legendary.  Legendary would blame the film’s failure on audiences rejecting a female action hero and not the limited appeal of their trailers or the atrocious reviews.  There were reports that Legendary turned down other films staring female action heroes because of Sucker Punch.  Keep alienating the female audience at your own peril, boys.

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