Budget: $21m Financed by: Imagenation; Participant
Domestic Gross: $970,816 Domestic Distributor: Summit
Overseas Gross: $5,400,000

beaverImagenation co-financed the $21m film with Participant and Summit handled pre-sales.  The Beaver had just one problem, its lead actor who would turn the film into something that the public kept away from like it was diseased.  Summit acquired domestic rights and this was to be a comeback vehicle for Mel Gibson, that is until another hateful rant made the public rounds and turned Gibson into a toxic asset that no studio or film could possibly overcome.  Summit quietly put the film in 22 theaters opening weekend to $107,577 with a weak $4,890 per screen average.  The Beaver expanded at its widest to 168 theaters to a final gross of just $970,816.  Interest was minimal overseas as well, with the film pulling in only $5.4m across numerous distributors, even grossing just $95k in Australia, which the Gibson co-founded Icon distributed.

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