Budget: $41m Financed by: FOX; Dune Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $7,204,138 Domestic Distributor: FOX
Overseas Gross: $975,278

big_yearThe Big Year was co-financed between Fox and Dune Entertainment for $41m and the price tag was lowered to $28m (after tax rebates) going into opening weekend when the film was tracking for a disastrous opening.  Fox partnered with environmental group The National Audubon Society before the film entered production, to help promote the bird watching comedy.  Audubon spent six figures promoting The Big Year to their members and was quoted by Variety saying, “We can reach 4 million to 5 million people (among) our members, our magazine readers and people who come to our (400) chapters and educational centers.”  They might have reached their members, but nobody showed up opening weekend when the film grossed just $3,251,884 in 2,150 theaters.  Fox’s marketing on the film made matters worse, when TV ads began to shy away from the film’s concept of bird watching, leaving the film with no audience hook.  The domestic run ended with only $7,204,138 and Fox released The Big Year in only a few overseas territories to less than $1m.  After theaters take their portion of the gross, almost the entire ad spend and budget would be in the red for Fox and Dune.

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