Budget: $25m Financed by: American Film Co.
Domestic Gross: $11,538,204 Domestic Distributor: American Film Co. (through Roadside and Lionsgate)
Overseas Gross: $4,369,207

conspiratorThe Conspirator was financed by American Film Co. for $25m and the Robert Redford directed picture is the new company’s first project.  Billionaire Joe Ricketts founded the new financing and producing company and made a US distribution pact with Roadside and Lionsgate, where his company would provide the majority of the marketing spend for higher returns on the film.  They opened the film on 707 screens to $3,506,602 with a mediocre per screen average of $4,960.  The Conspirator expanded to 849 screens in its second frame but dropped 37.6% to $2,187,185 and closed with only $11,538,204 at the US box office.  Roadside and Ricketts’ company would see back about $6m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would leave plenty of the marketing in the red and the entire budget.  The American history theme wouldn’t translate to good overseas business and it pulled in $4.3m from the rest of the world, leaving the American Film Co. with a loss of most of their investment.  Roadside, which is partially owned by Lionsgate had little risk on the The Conspirator.

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