Budget: $21m Financed by: Corsan
Domestic Gross: $1,361,512 Domestic Distributor: Lionsgate
Overseas Gross: $4,000,000 (estimated)

devil's doubleBelgium company Corsan financed The Devil’s Double for $21m and handled global pre-sales.  Lionsgate purchased US rights for an estimated $2m-3m and and didn’t do much in the way of promoting the film and its widest release was on 89 screens.  Lionsgate opened The Devil’s Double in 5 theaters to $96,414 with a decent $19,283 per screen average and expanded the film the following weekend to 33 theaters to $198,436 with a disappointing $6,013 per screen average.  Lionsgate didn’t do the film any favors with the marketing material looking like a Scarface knockoff and the film ended its brief run with just $1,361,512.  Icon picked up Australian and director Lee Tamahori’s home country New Zealand’s rights for six figures, but dumped the film straight to video after the film was posting poor numbers in most markets.  The film earned about an additional $4m from overseas across numerous distributors and $1.1m of that small number from the UK, also distributed by Icon.

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