Budget: $45m Financed by: GK Films
Domestic Gross: $13,109,815 Domestic Distributor: FilmDistrict
Overseas Gross: $10,837,729

rum diaryFinanced by Graham King under his GK Films banner for $45m, King pre-sold The Rum Diary worldwide to very strong sales and distributors clearly overpaid for the pet project for the very bankable Johnny Depp.  It is estimated that most of the budget was covered by the pre-sales, leaving GK Films with little exposure.  Originally set up by King at Warner Independent, WB closed the division down and the Graham King founded distributor FilmDistrict released The Rum Diary in the US.  After an estimated $20m marketing spend, The Rum Diary tanked opening weekend with $5,135,369 in 2,273 theaters and audiences gave the film a toxic C cinemascore.  The Rum Diary quietly closed with just $13,109,815, leaving FilmDistrict with about $6.5m after theaters take their percentage of the gross.  Depp is normally a reliable star in the overseas market, but the film did awful business everywhere, even tanking in France with less than $500k and the overseas total came to $10.8m – losing cash for the distributors who snatched up the expensive rights during pre-sales.

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