Budget: $38m Financed by: Universal; Morgan Creek; Strike Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $16,928,670 Domestic Distributor: Universal/Morgan Creek
Overseas Gross: $10,573,144

thingThe Thing was co-financed and co-distributed by Universal and Morgan Creek and received some additional funding from Strike Entertainment, this $38m production opened in the US after delays, reshoots and CG tinkering to a terrible $8,493,665.  The film was front loaded opening weekend and sank 63.9% in its second weekend to $3,069,875 and quickly burned out with just $16,928,670.  Overseas, the filmed fared worse totaling just $10.5m with a worldwide total of $27.4m, which would leave Universal and Morgan Creek with about $15m after theaters take their cut of the gross, leaving an expensive worldwide marketing spend at a loss and almost half the budget unaccounted for.  Universal added a The Thing maze to their Halloween Horror Nights at their theme park to promote the film to a lot of wasted effort.  Morgan Creek had only two films released in 2011 after three years of suspending film production, the other being the flop Dream House and Morgan Creek has not put another film back into production.

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