Budget: $90m Financed by: Constantin
Domestic Gross: $20,374,484 Domestic Distributor: Summit
Overseas Gross: $111,900,000

three_musketeers_ver29Before release, the budget was promoted as closer to $90m and reduced to $75m (more likely after tax rebates) when The Three Musketeers underperformed.  Financed by German company Constantin, with some assistance from German grants, Summit handled pre-sales that sold out every territory and limited Constantin’s exposure to the budget.  Constantin distributed in Germany to a decent $16.1m and surprisingly the strongest territory it played in was Japan with $24m.  The overseas total was $111.9m across numerous distributors, where it pulled in mediocre to decent numbers in most markets.  Summit distributed in the US opened The Three Musketeers in 3,017 theaters to a poor $8,674,452 and it sank 59.6% in its second weekend to $3,507,359 and closed its disappointing run with just $20,374,484.  Summit would see back just $11.1m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would cover less than half of their ad spend and leave their unreported acquisition cost in the red.  Most distributors either broke even or made a slight profit on the film, with the exception of Summit.

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