Budget: $30m Financed by: Spitfire
Domestic Gross: $2,701,859 Domestic Distributor: Newmarket Films/Wrekin Hill Entertainment
Overseas Gross: $17,646,390

way_backSpitfire financed this $30m Peter Weir directed film and their parent company formed a distribution and sales company Exclusive Film Distribution which The Way Back would be their first effort.  The distribution arm of the new Exclusive Film Distribution was named Wrekin Hill Entertainment and they co-distributed with Newmarket Films in the US.  They had ambitious plans for the film, but after an awards qualifying run that earned only a Best Makeup Oscar nomination and solid, but not great reviews, the film opened with little interest from movie goers.  The newly formed company put the film out in 678 theaters where it grossed a not very successful $1,218,868 and a per screen average of $1,798 all but killed its chance for an expansion.  Showing terrible legs, The Way Back dropped 57% in its second frame, making just $523,600 and the film closed with only $2,701,859.  Large theater chains like Regal only pay out 34% of the ticket price to small distributors and the companies saw back just less than a million dollars from their first solo output.  Their awards campaign was probably more expensive than what the box office returned to them, leaving the modest marketing spend entirely in the red.  The film posted weak numbers overseas, grossing $17.6m across numerous distributors and decent $7.1m from France was the film’s most profitable territory.  After the poor overseas showings, there would be little to no cash overages from distributors to flow back to financier Spitfire.