Budget: $36m Financed by: Mount Santa Fe Espana; Mount Santa Fe; Antena 3 Films
Domestic Gross: $1,069,334 Domestic Distributor: Samuel Goldwyn
Overseas Gross: $3,303,308

There Be DragonsThis $36m Spain-US backed film was financed by Mount Santa Fe Espana and Mount Santa Fe in the US.  From operating in two different countries, Mount Santa Fe would recoup tax breaks from both countries.  They contributed 80% of the budget and Antena 3 Films and small investments from over 100 sources would contribute to the remainder of the budget.  Aurum Producciones acquired Spanish rights and the film did mediocre business bringing in $3m in Spain.  Samuel Goldwyn picked up rights in the US and opened the film in 259 theaters to $705,537 and the film dropped 79.8% in its second frame and closed with just $1,069,334.  There Be Dragons tried to appeal to the Christian marketplace, but the film was dumped direct to video in a handful of countries and wasn’t picked up for distribution in most territories.

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