Budget: $50m Financed by: Universal
Domestic Gross: $21,596,445 Domestic Distributor: Universal
Overseas Gross: $6,000,000 (estimated)

your_highness_xlgDirector David Gordon Green had a rough 2011 with his foray into studio comedy filmmaking after his two features flopped, first Your Highness and then The Sitter.  Universal financed this comedy for $50m, though some estimates are higher and after a sizable ad spend, the film opened in US theaters to a disappointing $9,360,020 and opened against another silly comedy Arthur, which cannibalized each other’s audience .  Audiences gave the film a poor C+ cinemascore and the film dropped 57.1% to $4,019,710 in its second frame.  The film quickly closed with $21,596,445 which after theaters take their cut of the gross, would not even cover half of the marketing spend.  Plenty of comedies don’t travel very well overseas and Your Highness was no different, pulling in around $6m and going straight to video in most key markets.  Universal clearly did not spend much to promote this outside of the US, but the terrible domestic gross left a huge loss for the studio and a blow to Danny McBride as someone who can top-line a big budget film.

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