Budget: $209 million Financed by: Universal
Domestic Gross: $65,422,625 Domestic Distributor: Universal
Overseas Gross: $237,602,860
Directed by: Peter Berg
Taylor Kitsch
Liam Neeson
Produced by: Scott Stuber

battleship box officeBattleship cost a gargantuan $209 million, though most estimates have the budget significantly higher and the Universal financed and released flop, left Universal with an $83 million write down.  Board game maker Hasbro had its entertainment and licensing revenue decline by 7% after audiences ignored the film and sales for the game weren’t increased.  The marketing never made Battleship look like anything more than a derivative Transformers knockoff and good cash kept being thrown at a marketing campaign that raised awareness to very high levels, but couldn’t make audiences care enough to buy a ticket.  Universal partnered with Coca-Cola, Kraft, Subway, Nestle and others, where the companies spent over $50 million tying in their crappy products with this crappy movie, helping offset the costs on the huge marketing spend.  This turkey staring Taylor Kitsch of the record breaking money loser John Carter, was released overseas before its domestic bow and Battleship pulled in a healthy $237 million, but it wasn’t enough for a film with a budget of this size and couldn’t lift the dreary domestic total.  Battleship opened with bad buzz in the US and came in with a soft start at $25,534,825 in 3,690 theaters — placing #2 for the weekend led by The Avengers in its third weekend.  The pic declined a steep 56.7% in its second frame to $11,050,470, when Men In Black 3 opened and continued to post large drops and closed with $65,422,625.  Director Peter Berg would find box office redemption the following year with Lone Survivor and was quoted by The Hollywood Reporter as saying that the less expensive Lone Survivor would allow him to “buy back my reputation.”