Budget: $45 million Financed by: IM Global; Reliance Big Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $13,414,714 Domestic Distributor: Lionsgate
Overseas Gross: $28,052,892
Directed by: Pete Travis
Karl Urban
Lena Headey
Produced by: Alex Garland

dredd box officeIM Global and their parent company Reliance Big Entertainment financed the $45 million Dredd and pre-sales were handled by IM Global who sold the film out in every territory.  About $30 million were recouped from the foreign pre-sales, including $7 million from UK based distributor Entertainment.  Lionsgate purchased US distribution rights, with their P&A spend backstopped by Reliance.  Dredd did middling to poor business worldwide and outright flopped in the US with an opening weekend of $6,278,491, coming in behind Lionsgate’s modest $8 – $10 million tracking — placing a distant #6 over a very slow weekend led by new openers End Of Watch, House At The End Of The Street and Trouble With The Curve.  Despite decent reviews and a salivating fan base, the marketing never attracted audiences outside of the geek comic book fanbase and the film proved to have no legs and sank second weekend 62.3% to $2,363,956.  Dredd ended it’s US run with only $13,414,714 — leaving Lionsgate with about $7.3 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, leaving most of the $25+ million marketing spend in the red.  Overseas the film amounted to only $28,052,892, posting red ink for all of the distributors who picked up the rights and invested in a sizable marketing spend.  Selling moderately well on home video in a dwindling market, Dredd’s fanbase has grown and while there is murmuring of a sequel, its prospects remain grim since it left so much red in so many territories.  Yet stranger things have happened if a sequel materializes…

  • Damian Phelan

    One of the best movies I’ve ever seen – Great actioner
    Hope there will be a sequel

  • Messi the original

    The marketing never attracted audiences because there was no marketing you assfucks. There were no tv ads, no show appearances, no posters, no billboards. People didn’t know this movie was out. This seemed to be the case worldwide. It’s since become a big success and there’s no other sequel people want more than one for Dredd.

    • BoxOfficeFlops

      And yet Lionsgate did spend over $25 million on P&A. There was plenty of marketing and Dredd was booked wide in 2,506 theaters and was tracking for a $10 million opening — but that marketing was atrocious and only targeted the niche fanbase that would have shown up anyway. It didn’t help that the character was also associated with one of the worst films of the 90s. The fact that there was even an attempt to resurrect the character for the big screen after the earlier debacle, is a miracle in its own way — that this version actually turned out good, was one of the better surprises of 2012.