Fun Size

Budget: $14 million Financed by: Paramount
Domestic Gross: $9,409,538 Domestic Distributor: Paramount
Overseas Gross: $2,007,824
Directed by: Josh Schwartz
Victoria Justice
Produced by: Steve Golin

fun size box officeParamount financed this $14 million flop, put out through their Nickelodeon banner and a confused marketing campaign for Fun Size that was primarily aimed at families backfired when the PG-13 film was geared toward older audiences.  Fun Size opened on 3,014 screens to a terrible $4,101,017 placing #10 for the weekend and pulling in half of Paramount’s modest $8 million opening estimate.  The opening numbers were the third worst on record for a film released in over 3,000 theaters.  Fun Size declined 44% in its second frame to $2,294,636 and a steep 67% in its third to $757,223 and closed with just $9,409,538 at the domestic box office.  Theatrically released in just 4 overseas territories, Fun Size pulled in $2 million and went straight to video in most major markets.  Paramount would see back about $6.2 million of the worldwide total after theaters take their percentage of the gross, leaving much of the P&A costs and budget in the red.