Red Tails

Budget: $58 million Financed by: Lucasfilm
Domestic Gross: $49,876,377 Domestic Distributor: Lucasfilm (through FOX)
Overseas Gross: $489,121
Directed by: Anthony Hemingway
Terrence Howard
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Produced by: George Lucas

red tails box officeGeorge Lucas sunk $58 million of his vast fortune into the production for Red Tails and an additional $35 million to distribute and market through Fox.  While promoting the poorly reviewed film, Lucas lamented that no studio would finance a film staring an all black cast, because the foreign market would reject the film.  Red Tails was barely released theatrically outside the US and made $478,899 in the UK and $10k in Croatia.  The film pulled in soft, but decent enough numbers in the US, but not nearly enough to offset that lack of a proper release outside of the states.  Red Tails opened with a solid $18,782,154 — placing #2 for the weekend, behind opener Underworld Awakening.  Despite awful reviews, audiences gave the film a solid A cinemascore and it declined 44.8% in its second weekend to $10,370,323 and Red Tails fell 54.3% in its third frame to $4,735,595.  It closed its run with $49,876,377 of which Lucas saw back about $27.5 million after theaters take their cut and Fox would get a fee for releasing the film through their distribution channel.  The billionaire, who took over directing duties for reshoots he demanded, took a sizable loss but completed his decades old dream project and decent home video sales at $22 million (less after resellers take their cut and manufacturing costs) padded his loss.