The Master

Budget: $42 million Financed by: Annapurna Pictures
Domestic Gross: $16,377,274 Domestic Distributor: The Weinstein Company
Overseas Gross: $11,880,786
Directed by: Paul Thomas Anderson
Joaquin Phoenix
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Produced by: Megan Ellison

the master box officeThe Master was financed by Megan Ellison for $42 million, through her newly minted finance and production company Annapurna Pictures.  Annapurna was funding high risk projects that all the major studios wouldn’t touch, which gave her the street cred to attract some of the best A list talent in the business.  Ellison rescued The Master after Universal put the film in turnaround and the Weinstein Company signed on as US distributor.  The Master opened in 5 theaters to an incredible per screen average of $147,262 making $736,311 for the weekend.  The Weinstein Company expanded the film in its second weekend to 788 theaters, which raised many eyebrows that the film didn’t have enough time to build hype and spread word of mouth and The Master pulled in $4,391,092 in its second frame — placing #7 over a very slow weekend led by End Of Watch and it came in slightly behind the box office flop Dredd.  The film didn’t connect with a large audience and proved to have poor legs, even while expanding to 856 theaters and dropped down to $2,680,554 in its third weekend.  It ended its US run with $16,377,274.  Overseas, The Master pulled in poor numbers in most territories with $11.8 million across numerous distributors.  While promoting The Master, director Paul Thomas Anderson announced his followup project Inherent Vice, which Megan Ellison said she would finance, but after The Master pulled in poor numbers worldwide that lost most of her investment, she pulled out of the project.