The Raven

Budget: $26 million Financed by: Intrepid Pictures; FilmNation
Domestic Gross: $16,008,272 Domestic Distributor: Relativity
Overseas Gross: $13,649,479
Directed by: James McTeigue
John Cusack
Produced by: Marc D. Evans

The Raven box officeIntrepid Pictures and FilmNation co-financed The Raven for $26 million.  Relativity, which just turned from financier and production company to fully functional distributor only 6 months prior, picked up US rights to The Raven for $4 million and after a modest marketing spend, opened the film against The Five-Year Engagement which they co-financed with Universal.  Relativity put The Raven out in 2,203 theaters, where it collected a soft $7,289,642 — placing #7 for the weekend led by Think Like A Man.  The film declined 63.8% to $2,636,780 in its second weekend when The Avengers was released and took most of the market to itself.  The Raven closed its run with $16,008,272 and after theaters take their percentage of the gross, Relativity saw back about $8.8 million, which would leave much of their P&A spend in the red and the acquisition cost uncovered.  Overseas the film pulled in terrible numbers in every market which amounted to $13,649,479 across numerous distributors and it was sent straight to video in Germany.  This would be the last top lining John Cusack vehicle to have a wide release in the US.  The domestic home video sales were just $4.8 million (less after resellers take their cut and manufacturing costs).