Total Recall

Budget: $125 million Financed by: Sony
Domestic Gross: $58,877,969 Domestic Distributor: Sony
Overseas Gross: $139,589,199
Directed by: Len Wiseman
Colin Farrell
Produced by: Neal H. Moritz

total recall box officeSony secured the rights for Total Recall from Miramax who had the option to co-finance with Sony and wisely Miramax did not.  This $125 million budgeted remake (some budget estimates are over $150 million) stars box office poison Colin Farrell which opened in the US with a soft $25,577,758 placing #2 behind The Dark Knight Rises in its third weekend in release.  Audiences gave the pic a terrible C+ cinemascore and Total Recall dropped a huge 68.7% in its second weekend to $8,013,040 — killing its chances at breaking out and it closed its US run with a less than blockbuster $58,877,969.  Relying on the overseas market to carry the film after disappointing US numbers, the film did solid, but unspectacular business, but not enough to lift the film out of the red.  It pulled in $139.5 million, with a worldwide total of $198.4 million, which would leave Sony with about $105 million after theaters take their cut — the film pulled in $17.9 million in China, which would only pay out 25% of the gross to Sony.  The theatrical revenue would likely cover the worldwide P&A costs, but little of the budget and in a financial quarter report, Sony cited the poor box office of Total Recall as the main contributor to eating into the profits of The Amazing Spider-Man.