Beautiful Creatures

Budget: $60 million Financed by: Alcon Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $19,452,138 Domestic Distributor: Alcon Entertainment (through Warner Bros)
Overseas Gross: $40,830,738
Directed by: Richard LaGravenese
Alden Ehrenreich
Emma Thompson
Produced by: Andrew A. Kosove

Beautiful Creatures box officeAlcon Entertainment purchased the film rights to the three Young Adult books, in hopes to spark another profitable YA series and Alcon would cover Beautiful Creatures’ P&A costs through Warner Bros for domestic distribution.  Summit International pre-sold rights to distributors in the European market and sold the pic out very quickly for extremely high pre-sale numbers.  Germany distributor Tele Muenchen picked up the rights for $8 million and Entertainment Film Distributors took UK rights for over $5 million.  The $60 million production had much of its budget covered by the pre-sales, which puts Alcon in better shape than the distributors who gobbled up this huge bomb.  After a heavy US marketing spend by Alcon, Beautiful Creatures opened in 2,950 theaters over the Valentine Day frame with competition against Safe Haven to get femme audiences and it tanked with a poor $7,582,595.  The pic dropped 52.4% in its second weekend to $3,608,333 and closed with a disappointing $19,452,138 at the box office.  Alcon would see back about $10.7 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would cover about only a third of the ad spend — plus a fee to Warner Bros for use of their distribution arm.  Entertainment Film Distributors opened Beautiful Creatures wide in the UK in 423 theaters to a poor $1,740,616 placing #5 for the weekend.  The film sank 64.1% in its second weekend to $625,211 and closed with $3,760,105.  Germany distributor Tele Muenchen saw an awful $391,517 opening weekend and it quickly flopped out of theaters with $761,556.  The film tanked in every territory, with the exception of a modest $6.7 million in France, accumulating a $40.8 million overseas total across numerous distributors.  Yet another would be YA franchise that fizzled.