Closed Circuit

Budget: $15 million Financed by: Focus; Working Title
Domestic Gross: $5,750,401 Domestic Distributor: Focus
Overseas Gross: $796,531
Directed by: John Crowley
Eric Bana
Produced by: Tim Bevan

closed circuit box officeClosed Circuit was co-financed by Focus Features and the British Working Title for about $15 million, which are both owned by Universal.  Focus handled international sales to distributors and distributed themselves in the US.  Closed Circuit opened over the slow Labor Day frame in only 870 theaters and the pic posted a poor $2,464,931 with a $2,833 per screen average, numbers that would nix any possible expansion.  Closed Circuit declined 61.9% the following weekend to $938,153 and closed its short run after four weeks with $5,750,401.  Focus would see back about $3.1 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which barely puts a dent in the modest P&A spend.  Universal distributed Closed Circuit in the UK and dumped it in 98 theaters to $32,327 with a terrible $330 per screen average and it was pulled out of release after two weeks to just $64,762.  Actor Eric Bana purchased the Australian rights from Focus, so he could self distribute in his home country, but only 23 theaters were secured and it flopped with $42,809 with a $1,861 per screen average.  Overseas total amounted to $796,531.  Universal sent the film straight to video in Germany over a year later at the end of 2014 and it premiered on television in Spain in March 2015 and straight to video in Italy in April 2015.