Delivery Man

Budget: $26 million Financed by: DreamWorks
Domestic Gross: $30,664,1063 Domestic Distributor: Disney (Touchstone)
Overseas Gross: $19,320,590
Directed by: Ken Scott
Vince Vaughn
Produced by: Scott Mednick

delivery man box officeDirector Ken Scott remade his own film Starbuck as Delivery Man and it was financed for $26 million by the financially troubled DreamWorks — which gets its financing from Indian company Reliance, who put Delivery Man out in India to box office numbers they never bothered to report.  DreamWorks released only two films in 2013, Delivery Man and the flop The Fifth Estate.  DreamWork’s movies go out through Disney’s distribution channel for US releases and Delivery Man opened as counter-programming to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with a disappointing $7,944,977.  Delivery Man held on during its second frame, which was over Thanksgiving and fell only 14% to $6,835,841 but declined 45.3% in its third weekend to $3,742,544 and the film did not break out, closing with a soft $30,664,106.  After theaters take their percentage of the gross, about half of the marketing costs would be covered and the budget in the red.  For a company whose equity is drying up, each under-performing title hurts and DreamWorks sold off the foreign rights, which put a few million back in their pockets, but Delivery Man did an unexceptional $19.3 million outside the US across numerous distributors.  This continued Vince Vaughn’s downward slide as a bankable star after his 2012 flop The Watch and his 2011 flop The Dilemma.  Vaughn and director Ken Scott worked together again for the 2015 release and box office dud Unfinished Business.