Man of Tai Chi

Budget: $32 million Financed by: China Film Group; Village Roadshow; Wanda Media; Universal
Domestic Gross: $100,144 Domestic Distributor: The Weinstein Company (Radius)
Overseas Gross: $5,364,741
Directed by: Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves
Produced by: Lemore Syvan

Man of Tai Chi box officeChina Film Group, Village Roadshow, Wanda Media and Universal plunked down the $32 million in financing, making Man of Tai Chi one of the earlier China and western co-productions.  China Film Group put the film out in China, giving Man of Tai Chi a prestige IMAX release, but only managed $4,280,000 in sales.  The film was barely released theatrically in most territories, bringing in about $1 million outside of China.  The Weinstein Company distributed in the US through their Radius label and pushed a VOD release stronger than a platform theatrical release and the film made just $100,144 in North America.  The film went straight to video or VOD in most major markets.