Out Of The Furnace

Budget: $28.3 million Financed by: Relativity; Red Granite
Domestic Gross: $11,330,849 Domestic Distributor: Relativity
Overseas Gross: $4,104,000
Directed by: Scott Cooper
Christian Bale
Casey Affleck
Produced by: Leonardo DiCaprio

Out of the furnace box officeRelativity Media co-financed this $28.3 million drama with Red Granite and half of the budget was covered through foreign pre-sales sold by Red Granite — who handled the international sales after purchasing the the foreign rights from Relativity for $16.5 million.  Relativity reduced their exposure to the budget even further with a lucrative Netflix deal that paid out $3.435 million.  Relativity distributed in the US and even with minimal exposure to the budget, Out Of The Furnace still had a pricey P&A spend estimated over $20 million.  The pic was groomed to be an awards contender, but Out of the Furnace received decent but unspectacular reviews and opened to a poor $5,220,288 in 2,101 theaters, when Frozen and The Hunger Games: Catching fire led the box office.  Christian Bale’s first performance after retiring from the Batman series was dead on arrival.  Out of the Furnace was given a terrible C+ cinemascore from audiences and had weak legs and declined 53.5% in its second frame to $2,425,978 and promptly lost most of its theater count.  The pic closed with only $11,330,849 of which Relativity would see back about $6.3 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, leaving much of the P&A spend and exposure to the budget in the red.  The film produced awful numbers in every overseas territory and grossed $4.1 million across numerous distributors.  Three weeks after Out Of The Furnace was released, Red Granite saw far better results with The Wolf Of Wall Street, which they financed.