Left Behind

Budget: $20 million Financed by: Stoney Lake Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $14,019,924 Domestic Distributor: Panda Media (through Freestyle Releasing)
Overseas Gross: $5,663,000
Directed by: Vic Armstrong
Nicolas Cage
Produced by: Paul Lalonde

Left behind box officeStoney Lake Entertainment financed Left Behind with a $20 million budget and an $18 million advertising commitment from Panda Media, which they distributed through rent-a-distributor Freestyle Releasing.  Hoping to ride the wave of successful faith based films, Arclight Entertainment handled international sales, which managed to sell strong enough in foreign markets.  With the low budget and enough foreign territory sales, Stoney Lake had limited exposure to the budget, but the distributors who invested any cash into this box office dud did not see the payoff that recent low/no budget faith based films earned.  As Left Behind was going into its opening weekend, Panda Media sued Stoney Lake for $2 million in damages and an injunction barring the distribution of proceeds from the film.  Panda’s arrangement with Stoney Lake entitled them to 5 percent of the movie’s revenues over seven years and they alleged Stoney used part of the P&A money to fund part of the production.  Along with the lawsuit, the film received atrocious reviews and Left Behind was booked into 1,825 theaters and Freestyle expected the pic to open at $10 million.  It pulled in a soft $6,300,147 — placing #6 for the weekend when Gone Girl opened #1 at the box office.  Left Behind fell 55% in its second frame to $2,834,919 and lost half of its theater count going into its third weekend.  The pic closed its box office run with $14,019,924 and about $5.5 million would be returned after theaters take their percentage of the gross, as major chains pay out less to independent distributors (Regal Cinemas pays out only 34% to small distributors, for example).  Overseas, Left Behind managed only $5,663,000 across numerous territories and major territories like France, Germany and the UK sent the film straight to video.  After being banished from the multiplex after years of questionable paycheck films, Nic Cage did his career no favors by appearing in this critically destroyed film that couldn’t even get a rise out of the faith based market.  Domestic home video sales were $4.7 million (less after resellers take their cut and manufacturing costs).