Odd Thomas

Budget: $27 million Financed by: Two Out of Ten Prods.; Fusion films
Domestic Gross: N/A Domestic Distributor: Image Entertainment
Overseas Gross: $1,149,267
Directed by: Stephen Sommers
Anton Yelchin
Addison Timlin
Produced by: Stephen Sommers

odd thomas box officeOdd Thomas was filmed back in 2011, but would sit unreleased due to the film being tied up in the courts over a legal dispute.  Two Out of Ten Prods. and Fusion films co-financed the $27 million film and would sue Outsource Media Group Fund and ABS Investment Group for $35 million when the two entities refused to hand over $25 million that they pledged for prints and advertising costs and an additional $10 million to refinance production loans.  With the film tied up in litigation, no distributor would become attached in the US and Odd Thomas saw a small release overseas in a few smaller territories to $1.1 million and went straight to video everywhere else.  In 2013 the film went back onto the market for a US distributor and it was acquired for very little money by Image Entertainment, who has no muscle when it comes to a theatrical release.  It was released February 28, 2014 in the US, where Image Entertainment reported no gross or any theatrical information, including the number of theaters they booked.