Budget: $100 million Financed by: Constantin Films
Domestic Gross: $23,219,748 Domestic Distributor: FilmDistrict (through Sony TriStar)
Overseas Gross: $94,611,883
Directed by: Paul W.S. Anderson
Kit Harington
Kiefer Sutherland
Produced by: Peter Schlessel

Pompeii box officeConstantin Films financed the $100 million Pompeii and Summit, which was absolved into Lionsgate, pre-sold the rights at Cannes back in 2011 and Pompeii quickly sold out in every territory.  Summit/Lionsgate was scheduled to release the film in the US, until FilmDistrict picked up US rights.  Once FilmDistrict was shuttered and absolved into Focus, FilmDistrict released Pompeii through Sony’s distribution arm under the TriStar label, with FilmDistrict covering the P&A costs.  Pompeii opened in the US with generic marketing that pushed the disaster spectacle and showed little of characters or anything audiences could connect to and the result was a poor $10,340,823 weekend — and Pompeii was in direct competition with 3 Days To Kill for male auds and it placed #3 behind that film and The Lego Movie.  The pic posted a steep 58.1% second frame decline to $4,331,431 and its domestic run ended with only $23,219,748.  FilmDistrict would see back about $12.7 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which is far less than their P&A spend.  Distributors paid through the roof for this would-be blockbuster during pre-sales, which did mediocre business in most markets.  Bona distributed for the China release and it made an ok $15,630,00 and a gross of $11,318,555 in Russia were the only respectable showings for Pompeii.  Constantin distributed in Germany to a poor $3.5 million.  After $94,611,883 in overseas receipts, across many distributors, little to no cash would flow back to Constantin and this expensive disaster pic posted a $6 million loss for Constantin (which also came from their animated Tarzan, which wasn’t released theatrically in the US).  Recorded domestic home video sales cumed $7.2 million.