Budget: $35 million Financed by: QED Intl
Domestic Gross: $10,508,518 Domestic Distributor: Open Road
Overseas Gross: $11,618,324
Directed by: David Ayer
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sam Worthington
Produced by: Skip Woods

Sabotage box officeSabotage was financed by QED Intl who laid off 5 employees after Sabotage tanked at the worldwide box office.  The $35 million budgeted film was acquired by Open Road Films (joint distribution between theater chains Regal and AMC) for US distribution and originally scheduled its release for April 11 but pushed it forward to March 28 as counter-programming to Noah.  The Schwarzenegger vehicle was tracking soft and opened with a dead on arrival $5,272,444 — placing #7 when Noah led the weekend.  Sabotage sank 62.1% in its second frame to $1,999,758 and promptly lost most of its theater count.  It closed its run with a terrible $10,508,518 — leaving Open Road in the red for a costly P&A spend and their acquisition amount.  The film was sold in the international market by QED and it did terrible in every territory grossing a weak $11.6 million across many distributors.  The few territories that rolled the film out after the spring 2014 release, sent Sabotage straight to video.  David Ayer who directed, saw some redemption with the QED financed FURY a few months later.  Schwarzenegger’s stock was certainly diminished after a string of duds that was to be his comeback, but it’s Sabotage’s anemic gross that hammered home aging audiences that would see his films, won’t travel to theaters to do so.  Domestic home video sales were $7.6 million.