The Best Of Me

Budget: $26 million Financed by: Relativity
Domestic Gross: $26,766,213 Domestic Distributor: Relativity
Overseas Gross: $9,160,000
Directed by: Michael Hoffman
James Marsden
Michelle Monaghan
Produced by: Ryan Kavanaugh

The Best Of Me box officeRelativity Media backed The Best Of Me for $26 million and from foreign pre-sales, tax credits and other deals, Relativity had all but $5 million of the budget covered.  They cut a deal with Indian Studio Balaji Telefilms that will make a Hindi remake of Best of Me.  B4U distributed Best of Me in India to only $59k.  Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh used The Best of Me as their first model to present product placement and include the brand client into script meetings and involvement in development.  Evian water was the product.  Ryan Kavanaugh was quoted by Variety saying “Evian is in the room with us, they’re in there when we’re developing our scripts for film and television, and they’re in there with us creating strategy for our other businesses. And that is completely unprecedented.”  Because when watching this poorly reviewed romantic film, you might get the overwhelming urge to purchase overpriced plastic bottles of water.  Relativity managed to limit their risk with the $26 million budget, but perhaps more focus on making a better film than trying to sell water, would have saved this from being the lowest grossing Nicholas Sparks adaptation.  The Best Of Me opened in the US in 2,936 theaters as counter-programming to Fury and came in below expectations with $10,003,827 — placing #5 for the weekend led by Fury and Gone Girl.  The Best Of Me declined 53.7% in its second frame to $4,623,519 and closed with a poor $26,766,213.  Relativity would see back about $14.6 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, less than their P&A spend and exposure to the budget.  The president of theatrical marketing at Relativity, Russell Schwartz was forced to resign shortly after this bombed.  The Best of Me pulled in $9,160,000 overseas, across numerous distributors and went straight to video in France and premiered on TV in Italy.  It’s unknown how many audience members were inspired to purchase some refreshing Evian.  If you think that is a gag poster, just head over to the Relativity website.  In 2015 when Relativity began bankruptcy proceedings, The Best Of Me was one of ten films creditors and guilds SAG-AFTRA, DGA and WGAW were owed compensation from.