The Identical

Budget: $16 million Financed by: City of Peace Films
Domestic Gross: $2,827,666 Domestic Distributor: City of Peace Films (through Freestyle Releasing)
Overseas Gross: $13,325
Directed by: Dustin Marcellino
Ray Liotta
Ashley Judd
Produced by: Howard Klausner

The Identical box officeThe Identical was financed for $16 million by City of Peace Films and they also paid over $16 million in marketing costs through rent-a-distributor Freestyle Releasing.  Hoping to tap into the faith based market that saw recent success in the likes of God’s Not Dead, The Identical opened in the US in 1,956 theaters to atrocious reviews and posted one of the worst wide release numbers on record with $1,587,137 — placing #12 for the slow weekend after Labor Day led by Guardians Of The Galaxy.  The film declined a massive 74.7% in its second weekend to $401,983 and was pulled out of release after its third week with just $2,827,666.  City of Peace would see back only a small portion of the gross since major theater chains, like Regal Cinemas only return 34% to independent distributors, leaving them with about $952,000 plus a distribution fee to Freestyle Releasing.  The Identical saw a theatrical release only in Brazil to all of $13,325.  The Identical was City Of Peace’s first film and they lost almost the entire $32+ million investment and currently have no films in their pipeline.  Home video sales were a dismal $178,181.