Third Person

Budget: $28 million Financed by: Corsan
Domestic Gross: $1,021,398 Domestic Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics
Overseas Gross: $1,597,796
Directed by: Paul Haggis
Liam Neeson
Olivia Wilde
Produced by: Michael Nozik

Third Person box officeThird Person was entirely financed by Belgian company Corsan, with a business model that involves 50% of the funding through Belgian tax credits this $28 million film was pre-sold to 23 markets before editing was completed.  With the heavy tax credit and pre-sales based on the strong cast, Corsan’s risk was minimal or they were even in the black before the film was completed.  Sony Pictures Classics acquired the US, German and Scandinavian rights and judging from the widest domestic release at only 227 screens, Sony dumped the film with little to no marketing spend.  Third Person opened in the US in 5 theaters to $38,856 and a not very promising $7,771 per screen average.  It expanded to 18 theaters in its second frame to a poor $74,535 and 34 theaters in week three to $106,370.  Sony expanded to 227 screens in its fourth weekend to $238,026 with a terrible $1,049 per screen average and it quickly lost its theater count and closed with only $1,021,398 in the US.  Third Person was given brief theatrical releases in every overseas market and pulled in just $1.5 million across numerous distributors.