Budget: $20 million Financed by: The Weinstein Company
Domestic Gross: $455,654 Domestic Distributor: The Weinstein Company
Overseas Gross: $3,074,215 Director: Wayne Kramer

Crossing Over box officeFinanced by the Weinstein Company for $20 million, director Wayne Kramer has said the filming of Crossing Over was hassle free and he had no problems or interference, but the post production on this film was a nightmare.  After Kramer delivered his cut, The Weinstein Company would declare war on it, re-editing the film and giving into Sean Penn’s demands to be removed from the film because of his political differences with a scene in the film.  After a long delay and much tinkering, in usual Weinstein fashion, the film was dumped with barely any signs of marketing or awareness.  They opened Crossing Over to poor reviews, in 9 theaters where it pulled in $77,370 and a soft $8,597 per screen average that didn’t bode well for a large expansion.  Crossing Over didn’t make a blip on the box office radar and never expanded beyond 42 theaters, grossing a total of $455,654.  The film received a small release overseas to $3 million across numerous distributors and premiered on television in Australia.