Budget: $21m Financed by: Miramax; Radar Pictures
Domestic Gross: $9,208,876 Domestic Distributor: Miramax
Overseas Gross: $7,234,733

everybodys_fineCo-financed by Miramax and Radar Pictures for $21m, Everybody’s Fine would be the final film released by Miramax before Disney shut it down.  Miramax went out with a whimper, when they opened the film in the US on 2,133 screens to a terrible $3,852,068 opening weekend.  The film lasted only three weeks before being yanked out of every theater and closed with $9,208,876.  Disney released the film overseas to poor numbers everywhere and grossed just $7.2m and sent the film straight to video in major markets like France and Russia.

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