Budget: $60m Financed by: Dreamworks; Participant Media; Working Title
Domestic Gross: $31,720,158 Domestic Distributor: Paramount
Overseas Gross: $6,612,836

soloistThe Soloist was co-financed for an estimated $60m between Dreamworks, Participant Media (who finances mostly social issues films) and Working Title, which is owned by Universal, The Soloist would be distributed by Paramount through Dreamworks’ long standing distribution arrangement.  Shortly before what was to be an Oscar qualifying release in 2008, Dreamworks and Paramount ended their relationship and it has been assumed that as retribution, Paramount delayed The Soloist until April 2009.  While certainly suspicious, it’s just hearsay and the film was heavily promoted and opened in the US to a disappointing $9,716,458 and closed with just $31,720,158 which would return only $17.4m after theaters take their percentage of the gross – far below the domestic ad spend.  UIP (joint distribution between Universal and Paramount) put the film out overseas to small returns at $6.6m and sent the film straight to video in Russia and did not report the numbers in numerous territories.

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