Budget: $5 million Financed by: David Hillenbrand and Scott Hillenbrand
Domestic Gross: $397,461 Domestic Distributor: Third Eye Capital Corporation; Strative Capital (through Full Circle Releasing)
Overseas Gross: $10,588
Directed by: David Hillenbrand and Scott Hillenbrand

transylmania box officeDirector David Hillenbrand and Scott Hillenbrand reportedly financed Transylmania for $5 million and somehow managed to convince the flywheels at Third Eye Capital Corporation and Strative Capital to pay for the $22 million ad spend.  Transylmania opened in 1,007 theaters to the worst opening weekend on record for a film playing in over 1,000 theaters with $263,941 and a per screen average of $262 — placing #21 for the weekend.  It was yanked out of all but 118 theaters going into its second frame and dropped 93.9% to $16,018 and was pulled from release after its second week with just $397,461 at the US box office.  The two companies that put up the $22 million ad spend lost all, but $100,000 and took the two directors to court on charges of fraud and misleading the companies to invest in this disaster that also received some of the most damning reviews from critics.  An accounting firm hired to audit this mess, uncovered fraud indeed when the two director brothers took part of the ad spend to pay off traffic tickets, their credit card bills and kept some of that P&A spend for themselves and friends and family.  Third Eye Capital Corporation and Strative Capital also claimed to never have seen the film, (which was finished) before handing over the $22 million to market it, which if that is indeed true, this website could use some of your cash — but we won’t show or explain how the funds will be used.  Transylmania went straight to video in a few overseas markets where it found a release and saw a tiny theatrical release in Romania to $10,588.