Budget: $47m Financed by: FOX
Domestic Gross: $14,973,382 Domestic Distributor: FOX
Overseas Gross: $15,029,376

solaris 2002 box officeFox fully financed Solaris for $47 million and there was much anticipation for Steven Soderbergh’s first commercial followup to Ocean’s 11 and that Solaris was also being produced by James Cameron.  Solaris turned out not to be an easy sell to audiences and Fox apparently did not know how to market the film and enraged George Clooney by leaking a story to the press that the MPAA overturned a R rating because Clooney shows his bare ass.  That publicity stunt did little to bolster audience interest and Fox opened the pic over the Thanksgiving frame and Solaris received mild, but positive reviews and it tanked with $6,752,722 for the weekend and $9,418,664 total for the holiday frame.  Audiences were far more harsh, making Solaris one of eighteen movies to be given a F cinemascore and the pic collapsed 65.1% the following weekend to $2,354,888 and was out of release with $14,973,382.  Fox expected Solaris to play better overseas, but it was a dud in almost every market and grossed $15,029,376.