Blu-Ray Releases for December 8, 2015

fourth war blu-rayTHE FOURTH WAR (1990) — After a string of commercial duds, director John Frankenheimer found financing for The Fourth War from Kodiak Films for $14.5 million with US distribution through Cannon Films.  The pic was a Cold War border war story and after production ended in 1989, the collapse of communism made the film an impossible sell — a film Frankenheimer said he would have never done if he expected the collapse.  Cannon opened The Fourth War in 1,005 theaters to a disastrous $776,449 with a $772 per screen average, placing far outside the top 10 at #15 when Pretty Woman led the box office in its first weekend in release.   The Fourth War sank a huge 80.4% in its second weekend to $151,862 and was quickly out of release with $1,305,887.  Kodiak Films only had one other film Neon City, a straight to video Mad Max knockoff in 1991 and in 1993 the head of Kodiak Films, Wolf Schmidt, put the company into voluntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy after having financial disputes with their former financier, the French bank Credit Lyonnais.