Blu-Ray Releases for June 14, 2016

Blu-Ray Releases for June 14, 2016


black dog blu-ray

Black Dog

Patrick Swayze, whose career was in the gutter, joined Black Dog after an injured Kevin Sorbo dropped out.  Mutual Film co-financed Black Dog with Universal and Mutal sold international distribution as part of a package of four movies from Universal — Primary Colors, The Jackal and Virus.  Universal distributed in the US and had a disastrous 1998, releasing nothing but flops, except for their final release of the year, the critically excoriated Patch Adams.  The budget for Black Dog is unreported.  Universal did not screen the pic for critics and opened it against He Got Game and Les Miserables in 2,025 theaters.  Black Dog was dead on arrival with $4,809,375 and audiences gave it a crummy C+ cinemascore.  It declined 52.5% the following weekend to $2,285,705 and quickly left theaters with $12,951,088.  This was the last studio vehicle for Swayze.

romeo is bleeding

Romeo Is Bleeding

Polygram, which owned 49% of the London based Working Title, completely bought out the company in 1992 and then formed Gramercy, a distribution company with Universal.  Polygram initially greenlit their slate of films with budgets in the $10 to $13 million range and Gramercy would distribute pictures that would have less than 1,000 release prints made for theaters.  Romeo Is Bleeding received mostly poor reviews and Gramercy opted for a limited release, booking the pic into 247 theaters.  It pulled in $1,225,737 placing outside the top 10 at #16 for the weekend led by Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Romeo Is Bleeding collapsed 58.1% the following weekend to $513,649 and was out of theaters with only $3,275,585.  Romeo Is Bleeding was part of a string of flops for Working Title/Polygram including Posse, Kalifornia and Holy Matrimony.