Blu-Ray Releases for August 11, 2015

hot pursuit blu-rayHOT PURSUIT (2015) — Originally set up at Universal under the title Don’t Mess With Texas, MGM picked up the project to fully finance after Universal sent it into turnaround.  Warner Bros’ New Line division came on to co-finance with MGM for $35m and Warner Bros would distribute Hot Pursuit.  Warner Bros heavily marketed the film in the US with over $35m in just television ads and millions more in print, poster, online, etc and the film opened to poor reviews and a weak $13,942,258 in 3,003 theaters, as counter programming to Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Audiences gave Hot Pursuit a cold C+ cinemascore and the film declined a steep 59% the following weekend to $5,722,488.  Hot Pursuit fell a modest 36.4% over the Memorial Day frame to $3,639,336 but sank 61.5% in its fourth weekend to $1,402,067 and quickly left theaters with $34,580,201.  Warner Bros would see back about $19m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, leaving over half of their P&A costs in the red and their half of the budget at a loss.  Hot Pursuit performed poorly overseas with $1,309,511 from Australia and Warner Bros opened the film wide last weekend in the UK in 328 theaters to a terrible $485,415.  The reported overseas total has been $11.1m, not including the unfinished UK run.

still of the nightSTILL OF THE NIGHT (1982) — Troubled United Artists financed Still of the Night for an unreported amount and the film, which Meryl Streep claims is her worst, grossed a poor $5,979,947 — which also did not do any favors for the leading man status of Roy Scheider, who was coming off his Oscar nominated performance in All That Jazz.

january manTHE JANUARY MAN (1989) — The January Man was critically savaged upon release and the though its budget has not been reported, it was an expensive film from MGM and Star Partners II.  The film was a commercial flop, opening outside the top 10 at #11, when the MGM and Star Partners II backed Rain Man led the weekend in its 5th week in release.  January Man fell 45.4% the following weekend to $937,976 and quickly left theaters with just $4,611,062.

north starTHE NORTH STAR (1996) — Also known as Tashunga, this $18 million dud staring James Caan and Christopher Lambert, was financed by New Regency and Warner Bros and dumped straight to video.

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