Blu-Ray Releases for December 15, 2015

fantastic 4 blu-rayFANTASTIC FOUR (2015) — Back in 2013 Fox set up a $400m slate financing deal with Chip Selig, who created TSG Entertainment to replace Dune Capital, which had the same basic co-financing deal at Fox — TSG Entertainment would co-finance Fox films between a quarter of the costs and half of the costs, depending on the project.  The two companies backed this much ridiculed reboot of the Fantastic Four for an estimated $120m, though that number is rumored to be higher.  A troubled production, studio tinkering in post production, reports of poor behavior on and off the set from the director Josh Trank, atrocious reviews and marketing material that could not even spin this mess into interesting 30 second ad spots — all became a perfect storm of widespread negativity that this property could not shake off.  A disparaging tweet by director Josh Trank released just before the film’s release, just added to the chorus of boos that critics and audiences tossed at the Fantastic Four, which audiences gave a damning C- cinemascore.  The film was tracking a month before its release with about a $55 million opening, which lowered to a mid $40 million opening about a week before its release and Fantastic Four came in way below expectations with $25,685,737, a troubling number for a film with well over $200 million in production and marketing costs behind it.  Predictably, the film declined a huge 68.2% in its second weekend to $8,168,756 and 54.3% in its third frame to $3,733,632.  The film closed its North American run with $56,117,548 and Fantastic Four is estimated to end as a $60+ million write off. Overseas, Fantastic Four pulled in a mild $111,860,048. A China release date was to be announced, but nothing materialized.  Unsurprisingly, there is no director commentary on the Blu-Ray.