Blu-Ray Releases for January 26, 2016

burnt blu-ray


Originally set up at Sony before the project found its way over to The Weinstein Company, Burnt was originally titled Chef and pre-sales at Cannes happened the same time as Jon Favreau was pre-selling his Chef picture.  Sony sent a cease and desist letter to Favreau and the producers on the competing Chef title, but Favreau’s picture made it to market first and the title was cleared.  This Bradley Cooper vehicle was retitled Adam Jones, before being changed again to Burnt.  The Weinstein Company financed Burnt and selling off overseas distribution limits their exposure to the $20 million budget.  The Weinstein Company gave Burnt a modest, but still pricey domestic P&A spend, with $12.3 million in television ads going into release and millions more in print, online, poster, virtual print fees, etc.  Burnt opened in 3,003 theaters against the flop Sandra Bullock vehicle Our Brand Is Crisis, where it took in terrible weekend gross of $5,002,521 — when better received adult fare The Martian and Bridge Of Spies were playing strong at the box office.  Burnt’s opening numbers were the 4th worst for a film playing in over 3,000 theaters.  The film saw a 42.3% second frame decline to $2,887,029 and sank 61% to $1,127,264 in its third frame and promptly lost most of its theater count.  More after the pic finishes its run…  In an interview with the NY Times, Harvey Weinstein felt Burnt would have worked better as a January release, but his company’s board enforced that a certain amount of films be released each quarter and Burnt was forced into its October slot.  This marks the third dud Cooper opened in 2015 after the delayed and troubled Serena and the summer flop Aloha.  Overseas, Burnt pulled in a poor $22 million across numerous distributors, with just $2.4 million from France as the highest gross.