Blu-Ray Releases for March 15, 2016

Blu-Ray Releases for March 15, 2016

just visiting blu-ray

Just Visiting

Gaumont financed this remake of their 1993 smash hit comedy The Visitors (Les visiteurs) with the same director Jean-Marie Poiré and put this into production a year after the critically reviled, but still successful sequel.  Just Visiting was Gaumont’s most expensive film put into production at $590 million Francs ($81 million) and Gaumont took a huge $60 million loss on this flop.  Just Visiting was filmed back in 1999 but collected dust on the shelf, with rumors that the finished product was so terrible that Gaumont didn’t even want to release it.  The US version was re-edited and director Jean-Marie Poiré distanced himself from the cut and claimed he never watched it.  The film screened at the American Film Market for buyers and was passed over and Gaumont brokered a deal with Disney, where the mouse house would give the movie a $15 million P&A spend for Gaumont.  The delayed remake finally opened on April 6, against Along Came a Spider, Blow and Pokemon 3: The Movie.  Just Visiting was a disaster, opening outside the top 10 at #12 with $2,272,489 in 1,590 theaters.  It sank 61.4% to $877,681 in its second frame and promptly lost most of its theater count and closed after five weeks with only $4,781,539.  Disney would see back about $2.5 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross.  Overseas, Just Visiting grossed a miserable $11.3 million, far below the $98 million the original grossed in 1993 and it went straight to video in Italy.

my boyfriend's back blu-ray

My Boyfriend's Back

Disney financed this silly and critically panned comedy for an unreported amount and Disney released 28 movies off the assembly line in 1993.  Disney had a crowded slate of summer films in 1993, most of which were critical and box office disasters, such as Life With Mikey, Guilty As Sin, Another Stakeout, Father Hood and My Boyfriend’s Back fared the worst.  The mouse house opened the pic against The Fugitive and MGM’s flop The Meteor Man and My Boyfriend’s Back posted a miserable $1,465,476 — placing #16 for the weekend.  It quickly bombed out of release with only $3,335,984.