Blu-Ray Releases for November 10, 2015

self/less blu-ray Self/Less (2015) — Self/less was financed by Endgame Entertainment and FilmDistrict for $26m, who quickly put the film into development after the two companies saw success with another high concept sci-fi film Looper.  FilmNation pre-sold the film at Cannes in 2013 and Self/less was the first film to completely sell out at the festival due to universal appeal and the strong pre-sales limited the two financiers exposure to the budget.  FilmDistrict was set to distribute the film in the US, but the company shut down and was absorbed into Universal’s Focus Features.  FilmDistrict had Self/less scheduled for a September 26, 2014 release, but Focus had the stop-motion animated Boxtrolls slated for that date and pushed Self/less to February 2015 and then pushed it to April 2015 and then late July, before positioning it on a less crowded weekend July 10 — where family auds will flock to Universal’s Minions.  Focus Features, which had been rebranded in 2014 as more commercially friendly, revived the dormant Gramercy Pictures label, last seen in 2002, for their upcoming slate of genre films which began with Insidious Chapter 3 and Self/less will be the second feature to sport the new label.  While the marketing has been soft for a summer release in a crowded market, the ad spend is well over $20m, with about 3,000 national TV ads going into release ( which would cost at least $15m, plus millions more in print, online, and other marketing platforms.  Self/less opened in 2,353 theaters to a terrible $5,403,460 and the film declined a steep 58% the following weekend to $2,268,476 and promptly lost most of its theater count and sank 86.3% in its third frame to $311,140.  Self/Less bombed out of the North American boxoffice with just $12,279,69 leaving Focus with about $6.7 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross.  The film was a dud overseas for all of the distributors who overpaid for the movie during pre-sales and $2.9 million from France was the highest gross.  Self/Less pulled in less than a million in most markets and the overseas gross was $15,027,056 across many distributors.